Extrusion blow, Injection, et Rotomolding
Reactivity, Services and Innovation


  • Part of "the Diversity Charter" programme
  • Member of the network "Entreprendre"
  • Gender parity : 35 % of our employee are women in an industrial business
  • Helping disabled workers with the adaptation of working station and subcontracting to sheltered workshops (CHSCT)
  • Improvement of the Security : adaptation of working station and decrease of accidents at work to 40 %
  • Founded in 1991
  • 3 production sites
  • 3 manufacturing process
  • Export : + 35 %

Founded in 1991 in Toulouse, South of France TIAG Industries is now established at Gare de Corrèze with two production sites.

The firm has majored in the fields of blowing/extrusion, injection, rotomoulding and the integration with the function of manufacturing assembly.

In 20 years Tiag has doubled the staff and invested 9 millions €.

The development of technical pieces has been engaged in order to diversify in several fields: Hospital Services, Building machines, New energy, Furniture, Nuclear Field, Transports.