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Our Environment politic is deployed across the whole of sites. Since 2022, TIAG is certified ISO 14001, standard reference for environmental management.

Developments and markets

Worried about actively participying to the renewable energies’ sector, from more than 7 years Tiag Industries collaborates to the conception and production of floats for floating PV plants.

Our last realization, the biggest of Europe, is the implementation of a 17MGW central at Piolenc (South of France), permitting so to supply 4800 homes.


Satisfy our clients and partners by the establishment of a close cooperation targeting to understand their needs and their requirements and match their constraints and our imperatives.

Develop our staff’s competences by the deployment of adapted formations and see to the improvement of the working environment.
Maintain our expertise and our high-tech industrial resources in demanding business areas : aeronautics, defense, hospital, construction machine.
Promote a permanent state of mind based on continuous progress.

The Direction ensures itself during periodic reviews of the attainment of the objectives and started action’s outcomes.

  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management System – certified since 15 years.

    ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System – certified since 2022.

  • • Drop zone (11 meters)
    • Climatic chambers (+65 / – 28° C)
    • Control of waterproofing by immersion or air pressure
    • Control of hydraulic pressure
    • L*a*b* statement
    • 3D Measures (Faro)


Our stock services deported to our logistic supplier ensures you deliveries even during our factories’ closing times.


Of the staff : As a responsible industrial, Tiag Industries engaged itself from several years to preserve the health and the security of the company’s men and women.

Security at work is placed at the highest level of attention of the whole collaborators. This engagement has been confirmed with our CSE/CHSCT throughout our Rules of procedures.

Of the infrastructures : Supervised by the DREAL and following the ICPE’s regulation, we engaged all processes in the “0 incident” objective.

Our actions

  • Continuous improvement of workstations.
  • EPI’s comfort (tailored noise plugs).
  • Individuals protection’s kit.
  • Training, noise and posture awareness.
  • Analysis of the air and the noises inside the workshop.


In an industrial trade, 35% of our employees are women.

You have a project ?

You have a project and you want it to be realized ?
Our design office accompanies you in all steps, from the prototype to the realization.