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Blow molding



Technical plastic parts

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Molding by injection is a technic of manufacture for large or very large serie. The plastic material is poured in a blowmolding screw in which it is warmed, malaxed and then sent to the front of the screw for being injected into a mold that is closed thanks to a very high pressure (closing strength).


In contact with cold sides, the material takes the mold’s form and solidify itself, the part is then cooled inside the mold and then ejected.

Here are some of our parts in injection


6 injection molding machine with a capacity of closing strengh from 60 to 1000 tons, all robotic.

Injection of parts from 20 grams to 5.5 net weight.

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Tiag Industries owns a machining and finishing unity permitting so to bring an added value to our transformed products.

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